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Visiting the Tower

Our regular guided Tower Tours take place between March and October but tours may be booked at other dates/times by contact us via the link below.

Tours are conducted by Trust volunteers for which a small fee (Adults £5/Children free) is charged to go towards maintenance costs – these tours regularly raise over £2000 a year, a considerable contribution in the overall running of the Trust. 

The extensive restoration and repair work, was made possible thanks to the generous financial support and physical efforts of many volunteers, and a generous grant from the English Heritage Lottery Fund, the tower was opened to visitors in 2001.

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139 Stairs up St Peter's Tower

139 steps take you to ...

The Priest’s Room, where many a rector may have penned his sermons

The ringing chamber, still with some of the old bell ropes, and now housing a small museum featuring the history of the church

The clock room, housing the early 20th-century beautifully engineered mechanism still operating and keeping perfect time today

The belfry, which originally housed the eight bells, and now houses the old Sanctus Bell dated 1741 which provides the chimes for the church clock

The tower roof, which offers magnificent views of Marlborough and the surrounding countryside

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Booking Enquiries

Tours run every Saturday & Bank Holiday from Easter to October.

There is no need to book, however if you would like to secure a time or arrange a tour for a large group please use the link to our contact page below.

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Gift Aid Declaration

Thank you so much for donating to St Peter’s and St Paul’s Marlborough Trust. Your support is helping us to raise vital funds in order to preserve this building of significant historic interest and to provide a centre for the community to explore its history and enjoy its space.

If you sign up to Gift Aid, a tax relief allowing UK charities to reclaim an extra 25% in tax on every eligible donation made by a UK taxpayer, it means that without donating a penny extra, you're helping us keep St Peter's Church open for years to come.

There are a couple of reasons that may affect our ability to reclaim that extra money, so please contact us within 21 days if:
You expect to pay less than your Gift Aid value, in UK income and/or Capital Gains Tax in the current year, or your personal details, such as name and address have changed.

If you have not paid enough tax to meet the Gift Aid claimed by St Peter’s and St Paul’s Marlborough Trust and have not notified us of this, HMRC may seek to recover this sum from you directly, as it is your responsibility to pay any difference. You can get in touch with us on if you have any questions.

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