St Peter’s and St Paul’s Marlborough Trust Limited was formed in 1978, and runs the church as a Charity on a 99-year lease from the Diocese of Salisbury. Over the many years, there has been a significance increase in legal requirements on charities and a greater emphasis on demonstrating good governance.  From the beginning, the Trust was set up as a membership organisation and, with the approval of the members, appoints a selected group of trustees to form a Council.  

The Council of Trustees sets out and is accountable for the strategy and performance of the organisation against specific objectives. The Council is now supported by three subcommittees: Operation, Finance and Outreach. They scrutinise different areas of work and contribute another layer of insight.  

In line with new developments, the Council seeks to engage more fully with the 2020 Governance Charity Code for Small Charities.

What are the annual costs of St Peters?

The Council establishes an annual budget that relates to our activities throughout the year and seeks to control expenses and maximise income to support its activities and deliver on our public benefit requirements.   The Council manages all financial resources to maintain sufficient reserves in order to undertake necessary maintenance and major repairs to our unique building and ensure the sustainability of the charity.

Currently, our annual running costs are approximately GBP30,000 with exceptional expenses required from time to time to maintain and upgrade our 550 year old building. In addition, we manage a substantial contingency fund for unexpected costs relating to the building that may be necessary.

Is the church still a place of worship?

Both the Chancel and the Lady Chapel* are preserved very much as they would have been when the building was a functioning church, with the latter reserved for private prayer and reflection. A Festal Evensong is held every year on the Sunday nearest to St Peter’s day (June 29th), to which all are welcome. 

*it is still principally the Lady Chapel, although as from 1920 also serves as the War Memorial Chapel

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