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SBT Live at ST Peter's

Published: 1st June 2023 | St Peter’s Marlborough

Sunday evening saw Sarabeth Tucek (SBT) and band perform her new album ‘Joan Of All’ at St Peter’s as part of her nationwide tour.  

Hearing St Peter’s being mentioned as the venue for an international recording artist on the radio this week was a little surreal but something we’ll never tire of.  With the album hitting the top 10 on the Indie Albums Breakers chart and top 20 on the Official Record Store Chart, the building was alive with anticipation and the performance did not disappoint. 

The incredible set which included lead-off single ‘The Gift’, as featured heavily on Marc Riley’s BBC 6 Music show, was every bit of the “absolutely amazing” NME promised it would be.

We thank Sarabeth Tucek, her band and our friends at Sound Knowledge for bringing such talent to our venue. 

Sara Beth at St Peter's Marlborough

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