Storm Eunice fells a 50ft fir

Storm Eunice which barrelled across the Country on 18 February took its toll also on St Peter’s at the west end of Marlborough High Street. A 50ft high fir tree, already suffering from a degree of dieback, was blown over at the east gate of the churchyard, partially blocking the south carriageway of the High Street.

St Peter’s Coffee Shop staff sprung into action even before Town Council workers arrived to saw up and remove the fallen tree. Several staff immediately organised traffic control on the main road, while another prepared refreshments for the Town Council team who were rapidly assisted by Simon White, a local tree surgeon who happened to be passing by at the time.

The falling tree broke a fine old stone gate pillar, and tore up part of the tarmac pathway. However, on the plus side, a somewhat unsightly tree is now in the process of being removed from site, affording a much clearer view of the recently refurbished clock dial on St Peter’s Tower!

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