Coffee shop update

To accommodate staffing issues, as of Monday 7th March the Coffee Shop and the church will be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays until further notice.

The Coffee Shop and the church will also be closed on Mothering Sunday, 27th March, to enable the staff to spend the day with their families.

The last day of trading in the church for the current Coffee Shop licensees will be Saturday 16th April. Trustees are making good progress with finding a replacement licensee, and look forward to being able to make an announcement in the not too distant future.


Over the past five years the Trust has given the Coffee Shop extensive support to enable its business to survive and grow that has allowed the physical expansion of that business within the church beyond the terms of its licence to trade. This was especially the case during the two years of the pandemic, both during closure and when reopening was possible.

Now that restrictions have been relaxed the Trust wishes to reclaim that space in line with its charitable objects, and in line with its own mission to engage more fully with the local community and visitors to the church in a greater variety of ways. On this basis, the Coffee Shop was asked to revert to the original space and terms that had been agreed.  The Coffee Shop responded by giving the Trust the required 3-month notice of termination that reflected entirely the business owners’ decision and was clearly within their control.

As a Charity, St Peter’s Trust has responsibilities and obligations beyond the existence of a coffee shop inside the church. However, the Trust recognises that such a service can be of value and is in discussion with potential new café businesses that are willing to work fully on a mutually beneficial basis.

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