Charting the way forward for St Peter’s Trust

In November trustees spent some time together on an Away Day to consider how best to take the Trust forward over the next few years. This gave us all a valuable opportunity to reflect on how we had progressed in the past 43 years, and what should be our direction of travel in the near future. In part our duty is to preserve and maintain our historic building, and thanks to careful stewardship and generous support the structure and fabric of the church are in good shape.

Our purpose is also to benefit the public, and principally in the past we have done this by providing a venue for community use. We now hope to take this further by engaging more widely with that local community so that Marlborough residents and visitors to the town can enjoy more of what we can offer. At our Away Day we devised a new vision for the Trust around this idea – St Peter’s as a community hub for the Arts and History.

To achieve this vision we determined on a number of measures as our mission over the next few years. First and foremost is our desire to build a vibrant community of supporters, and we hope to do this by growing our membership and by engaging more proactively with those members. Secondly we aim to provide a sustainable financial future for the Trust, for without that security nothing of any substance or longevity can be achieved. With these two foundations in place we hope to deliver a varied programme of events, and to share the stories of St Peter’s. We have a rich cultural heritage to celebrate more widely, and with recent renovations we have an exceptional space which we hope to maximise for future activities. 

Back in October we employed Joanna Littlejohns as our Development Manager to help us on this journey, and it was very much Joanna’s inspiration that led to the Away Day referred to above. However, after two months Joanna has decided not to continue working with the Trust. Trustees recognise her contribution in pointing us in the right direction and starting us down that road. We will continue to take the Trust forward along the lines outlined here, and we look forward to sharing some exciting times with our local community in the months to come. Our excellent concert series starts again in February with recitals on the 6th and the 27th, and there will be other events posted on this website.

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