Brilliant International Musicians in St Peter’s Church

This tenth series of BIMPC will bring the total number of glorious recitals in St Peter’s Church since 2002 to 71.

While providing the audience with the opportunity to hear wonderful music performed by upcoming and established stars from the world of classical music it also provides the musicians with the opportunity to perform in the close, intimate setting of St Peter’s Church in front of a truly discerning audience.

Indeed it was the latter which provoked the pianist Charles Owen, who first performed for us in 1988 with the violinist Katharine Gowers and then subsequently returned many times as a soloist, giving his first public performance of Bach’s Goldberg Variations in St Peter’s Church having by this time become Professor of piano at the Guildhall School of music, to state how much the opportunity we had provided for him to play in public in this close environment had contributed to his professional career. He went on to state that as Professor at the Guildhall he was working with brilliant musicians and asked whether we would provide similar opportunities for his students. Thus, the Brilliant Young Musicians in St Peter’s Church series was born. But since its inception the series has gained an international reputation and has attracted musicians globally. We have welcomed instrumentalists from China, Azerbaijan, the Canary Isles, South Africa, South Korea, Portugal and France.

The season’s recitals are being given on behalf of two charities.

St Peter’s Trust was formed in 1978 when the Church was threatened with partial demolition having closed as a Parish Church in 1974. The Trust is responsible for the upkeep of this lovely Church and manages the building as a community centre for Marlborough people and the many visitors to the town.

Action Through Enterprise is a remarkable international development NGO with HQ in Ramsbury but whose work is focused in Lawra District in Northern Ghana. The Ghanaian team are managing a programme of a) encouraging the  development of small businesses  b) providing school meals to children to encourage greater attendance and thus improved education and c) ensuring inclusion into society of disabled children thus enabling them to access better health services and education. 

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